What Causes Reflux?

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How To Treat A Broken Nose

A broken nose is a common injury that affects your face. In fact, if an injury is directed to your face and head, your nose is the most prone to it because it the part that protrudes ... Continue Reading →

Common Repetitive Strain Injuries

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How Do Our Bones Connect With One Another?

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Why Do Our Bones Weaken As We Age?

This is a common question to everyone as we get older, because as we age, most people generally feel that their bones are becoming weaker. This typically means our bones have less endurance ... Continue Reading →

How To Overcome Repetitive Strain Injuries?

The world you are living today depends so much on the use of computer. You use it in the office, for watching films, and for social networking. More than anybody else, children are ... Continue Reading →

Why Do Muscles Only Pull And Not Push

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Why Do We Have Two Brain Hemispheres?

They say that your brain is the command center of your body. It is where neurons are sent so that the brain can interpret what is happening to you or whatever it is you are experiencing. ... Continue Reading →

Why Do Doctors Use Plaster Casts?

The use of casts for broken bones is very important. It is often used for surgeries to prevent the affected area from unnecessary movements. A lot of doctors use casts to position your ... Continue Reading →

What Are Muscle Fibres

Muscles, being the useful parts of your body they are, are composed of muscle fibers. These fibers are long, multi-nucleated muscle cells, also known as the myofibers. They are required ... Continue Reading →