Finding Your Fitness Again

I like riding my bike – it coincidentally keeps me in shape. I call it moving meditation, whilst keeping semi-alertness in the relentless traffic. I also like to go jogging with ... Continue Reading →
5 Inspiring workout tips

5 Inspiring workout tips

Buddy up. Find a work out buddy — a friend, your sister, that weird chick from work who’s always trying to organize a gal’s night out… anyone will do. If you ... Continue Reading →

How To Increase Fitness and Slim Down

Need a bit of motivation to get you started on a smart fitness plan? We’ve put together these tips that will inspire you to embark on a journey of better health, losing weight ... Continue Reading →

Senior Health For Those Under 40 Years Old

Senior health, senior fitness and your lifestyle in your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond – if you’re in your 20’s or 30’s right now, you probably ... Continue Reading →

CPAT – Candidate Physical Aptitude Test

As an increasing number of Municipalities across Canada and the United States make the CPAT their official physical test as part of the firefighter hiring process, recruitment candidates ... Continue Reading →

Achieving Success Through Goal Execution and Personal Fitness

You have goals and plans, but are you executing those goals and plans? Whether you are working toward a more lucrative career or a fitter, healthier body, you aren’t going to ... Continue Reading →

What Does It Take to Commute Via Bicycle?

Initially, relying on a bicycle for transportation might seem intimidating but with the right level of commitment, knowledge, equipment, and planning anyone can do it. Whether looking ... Continue Reading →

Fitness For Singles – Boyfriends, Girlfriends and Getting In Shape

People at any age from 12 to 112 may decide it’s time to start working out and get in shape or at least get back in shape. But if you’re single you should be aware of the ... Continue Reading →

Senior Health For Those In Their 40’s and 50’s

Health, nutrition, fitness and exercise are starting to add themselves to your list of concerns now that you’re in your 40’s and 50’s. It may start with a bit of back ... Continue Reading →

Focus On Fitness, Not Fashion, To Look Your Best

When it comes to looking your best, do you worry more about fashion than fitness? Clothes may help you look good, but they’ll never match truly being in shape and having that ... Continue Reading →