How Does Frostbite Damage Bones

Some people love winter. They love the winter season because it is synonymous with Christmas and fun family times.

However, just like everything else, there are also negative effects of the cold that the winter snow brings. For one, it impedes most of your activities because it is difficult to move about in heavy winter gear.. You would also find it hard to eat and drink your favorite cold desserts and beverages. But probably the most dangerous effect of the cold is frostbite.

When you get frostbite, it means that the cold has already frozen the skin and tissue of your body. All the fluids inside are already frozen until such time that a medication treatment procedure can be used to try and counter the effects of frostbite. The condition can affect any part of your body exposed to the cold season. They may be your skin, fingers, toes and facial features.

Frostbite starts with a burning or tingling sensation in the affected area. The sensation can further develop to numbness when you are still exposed to the cold. The worse that the cold develops, the more numb you get. This can frighteningly continue until all your sensations are lost. Such is the reason that most people immediately go to a doctor when they experience frostbite.

A lot of your body parts are affected by frostbite. Some of these are muscles, nerves, bones and tendons. Frostbite can cause nerve trauma and infection to the different parts of your body. When the cold weather has reached its way deep into your body, it can accumulate fluids inside but numbs the sensation that they get. Your skin will also turn an obvious color of white due to constricted blood flow, too.

The cartilages between your joints that connect the bones to one another are also compromised. When this happens, even your movement is restricted because you would not be allowed to freely move the affected parts of your body. Tension to the affected area can even lead to losing those body parts. Imagine that parts of your body have already turned into what seems like glass figures that can easily break when they affected with too much friction.

Frostbite requires the immediate attention of a doctor. They can perform medical procedures to ensure that the damage does not reach deep into your bones as well as have blood and fluids flowing within you again.