Hearing Center – Helping An Elderly Parent

There comes a point when an adult child wants to take his or her parent to a hearing center. Sometimes just the thought of bringing it up causes tension. It is not always easy to have the roles reversed and be required to push a parent to make the right decision. Sometimes, however, it is a necessity. If communication is starting to be a problem, consider bringing it up in conversation sooner rather than later. There is a chance that his or her ability to hear is only going to get worse over time.

Tension Caused By Lack of Understanding

Both you and your parent could be frustrated with the current situation. You both want to be able to have a conversation but it seems to be a struggle. He or she may not be able to hear what you are saying or understand it because of the way it sounds when you are speaking. On the other hand, you may feel like you are not heard and that he or she is not paying attention to you. Tensions can increase rapidly if you are the main caregiver for your parent. In order to avoid this tension, consider just scheduling an appointment and taking your loved one in. If you sense that it is going to be a problem, have your ability to hear checked at the same time. This might make it easier for both of you.

Bringing It Up

It is not always easy to suggest that your parent go into a hearing center for testing. You don’t want to be accusatory and you do not want to sound demanding. In some cases, this could make everything worse. Instead, consider bringing it up in conversation when tensions are not running high. Mention that there are a lot of people going into a hearing center these days, because loss is such an epidemic across the country. Remind him or her that there are people everyday, regardless of their age, finding out that their loss is starting to affect their quality of life and their ability to participate in conversations.

Find The Right Hearing Center

If you feel like the experience is not going to go well, make sure that you find a hearing center that has experience with older clients. An experienced audiologist will be able to make your parent feel better about the experience. Instead of being accusatory or making your parent feel bad, he or she will be able to communicate how empowering it can be to hear everything that goes on and be a more active participant in conversations.