Does Strength Training Build Stronger Bones?

Everyone wants to be physically fit and strong, because it helps prevent physical illnesses such as osteoporosis. People nowadays tend to try all sorts of exercises, just so they can improve their bone density, weight, and other aspects of their bodies. Chances are you have tried weight training some time in your life; tried drinking milk which promised that you would have stronger bones, or tried regular exercise.

However, today, strength training is probably the most common activity done by individuals to build stronger bones. Strength training, or weight training, helps build muscles in your body. Similarly, it also improves the bones’ strength and density as you exert effort or a degree of overload on them. This is the reason why people who are getting older are the ones who go to the gym more often, rather than those who are in their early or mid-twenties.

When you are in the gym doing a physical activity, like a weight-bearing exercise, it provides you mechanical stimuli which are known for improving the bone strength. This is because your muscles, and also your bones work against gravity, which makes you control your own weight. Another example of strength training is when you do intensity-related exercises like moving weights. The more weight you move and the heavier it is, the more that it makes your bones stronger.

Strength training does so many things for your bones and your muscles, and so as you grow older, the more you will need these exercises to maintain the capacity of your bones, and also to avoid the risks of getting osteoporosis and other fractures. In addition, when you have stronger bones and muscles, it gives you more strength as you go along with your daily activities, and so you are able to last longer than you normally do. You will be able to endure tedious activities, and even those that require a lot of effort-in case you are a sports fanatic.

If you want to strengthen your bones, you may start with simple workouts each day, like running around for a couple of minutes. You may also do simple stretches to warm your bones up, so that you would not feel much pain when you start lifting weights. Of course, you need not to lift heavy weights the moment you begin; you should just start with light weights, those you can lift comfortably for a couple of times. After which, you can gradually add more weights, so that you can improve more until you can do resistance training. This works best when you want to make your bones stronger.