Bayer Rapidpoint 400 Blood Gas Analyzer – Ensures Fast, Efficient Analysis

Blood gas measurements are typically requested for critically ill patients where quick results are required. Blood gas analysis assesses the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood and determines the acidity of the blood. The Bayer Rapidpoint 400 blood gas analyzer ensures fast and efficient analysis, and is a popular option for point of care testing in modern hospitals.

Bayer Rapidpoint 400 – Efficient and Safe

A product of Bayer, the global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, the Bayer Rapidpoint 400 features advanced technology. It comes with an icon enriched color touch screen and video guidance to simplify lab workload. The long-lasting cartridge comprises a sampling unit, all sensors and all calibrating reagents. The range of analytes, type of quality control and consumables, reliability, ease and safety of use, and maintenance are all factors that contribute to measuring a blood gas analyzer’s performance. This instrument meets these requirements and is therefore a widely preferred piece of medical lab equipment.

The Bayer Rapidpoint 400 is a self-contained cartridge-based blood gas system. This benefits that this compact portable instrument offers are:

– It delivers fast response at point of care bedside, lab, or at alternate sites – it can record test results on all analytes in just 60 seconds

– It can measure pH, electrolytes, glucose and hematocrit with high precision

– Analyzers that use cartridges require the least maintenance

– The safest analyzers are those that collect waste into a fully sealed chamber within a single cartridge

– All functions can be monitored remotely by the central laboratory

By providing quick blood-gas, electrolyte, glucose and co-oximetry results at the point of care, this analyzer ensures efficient patient management.

Purchase from a Reliable Laboratory Equipment Supplier

While the Bayer Rapidpoint 400 blood gas analyzer ensures fast and efficient analysis, research units and health care facilities should take care to purchase this device from a reliable lab equipment supplier. Browsing online is the best way to find the right supplier. It’s important to partner with an experienced dealer that can facilitate prompt and safe product delivery, post-purchase support, service contracts, and supply of reagents, controls, and consumables.

Purchase from an established online store that offers recertified Bayer Rapidpoint 400 analyzers with 90 day parts warranty is a good option. Such stores purchase used medical lab equipment and refurbish them to meet original manufacturer specifications. This means that labs can obtain a used, refurbished system that works well as well as new, but at a much lower price.