4 Types of Situations Where Immediate First Aid Is Required

There are various accidents and emergency situations that require the administration of first aid. This immediate aid can keep your health stable until medical help arrives. A lay person who has no knowledge of first aid will often not know what to do in such a situation. Only a trained individual will be confident enough to perform the necessary treatment procedures and then wait till an ambulance gets there.

To make this world safer, it would help if most people in general would know when first aid should be given and what procedures must be followed. Here are four main situations that require immediate first aid, for starters.

• Choking: There are times you may choke on food and it blocks your airway. This will obstruct your breathing. If you are far from a hospital you will need immediate help to calm you and then remove the foreign body from your airway.

• Fractured and broken bones: Road traffic accidents can lead to broken hands and legs. Before you can be moved to a hospital, you need emergency treatment at the scene. Depending on your health condition, you will require certain procedures to control the bleeding and stabilize your bones. Slings and splints are made out of readily available material and used to support the broken bones.

• Cuts and wounds: Cut and wounds can result in minimal to heavy bleeding that must be immediately controlled. Superficial wounds will need to be cleaned and then bandaged to prevent infection. Once the bleeding is under control, stitched may be required for deep wounds.

• Burns: Burns can be of varying degrees and the treatment is dependent on the degree of the burn. Dressing the burn wound will reduce your pain until further treatment can be provided by professional medical persons. For severe burns if you are unsure, it is better to do nothing except wait for the paramedics to arrive.

These are a few main situations that need immediate first aid administration. It could be a long time before you can be taken to your health care center. In such cases, first aid keeps you alive till you can receive professional medical attention. Proper treatment can also prevent further complications.

If you require a trained person to treat you when you are in an accident, you also must learn first aid to help others in similar situations. The fundamental principles of first aid are simple and can be learnt by attending a short training course. If you are unable to join a regular course, you can do so online studying as well. Advanced and special courses like pediatric and sports first aid courses are also offered. You can choose the course based on your own preference.
The training will give you the confidence to be able to help someone in need. Once you are equipped with the skills, you can use them to benefit yourself and others. Even using a cloth and applying pressure on a bleeding wound serves to reduce bleeding considerably and stabilize the vital organs. This can save a person’s life.