Fitness contest: Train Like a Pro with Billy Miller

Train like a pro

To enter the Train Like a Pro contest, all you have to do is visit and answer the question “What is your training goal and why do you want to win the Promax ‘Train Like a Pro’ contest?” in 150 words or less. All entries, one per person, must be received by October 12, 2011.

The Train Like a Pro prize includes:

  • A three-day/two-night trip for two to Los Angeles
  • A day of pro football combine training at Miller’s The Elite Performance Factory
  • Lunch and photo session with Billy Miller
  • A one-year supply of Promax bars

What is combine training?

According to Miller, combine training differs from traditional training in that combine training is for very specific tests, such as the 225-pound bench press, cone drills, vertical jumps and more. “There is a lot of technique to be learned to shave off time or add inches in tests,” the football pro says. “For example, we spend a lot of time teaching how to start for the 40-yard dash, how to more efficiently stop and start around cones and how to how to set up and jump for the broad jump. Our weight training and field work will center around these tests and how we can maximize their results.” When it comes to professional sports, training results could mean the difference between millions of dollars.

Women and combine training

Before you think the Train Like a Pro contest is for guys only, Miller says women can benefit from combine training, too. “As for women at home, they can do many of the cone drills or broad jumps in their back yards or at the local park,” he explains. “Taking part in the specific combine drills can give them hard data to then go out and train and re-test later. This can add a motivational piece to their workouts, let them see if their training is working for them and if they need to make any changes, and give them an appreciation for just how strong and powerful these football players are.” Even better, combine training is something the whole family can participate in together and compete.

Tips to train like a pro

Miller offers the following training tips to make your workout time more effective and enjoyable!

Snack smart

Staying well-fueled is essential to getting the most out of your workouts. Miller suggests Promax LS High Protein Bars because they use stevia or other quality nutrients that are high in protein and low in refined sugars.

Monitor your heart rate

“Use a heart rate monitor to monitor your workouts,” says Miller. “Know how high your heart rate is getting and how quickly you are recovering, since this is a true sign of fitness.”

Stay hydrated

You’ll be able to workout harder and smarter if you stay hydrated. “It’s recommended to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day,” adds Miller.

Get enough sleep

Though you may think sleep is expendable and that as long as you can stay awake during your workout, you’ll be just fine, Miller warns that eight hours of sleep is recommended for full recovery of the brain and body. The more rested you are, the harder you can work out and the better your recovery after each workout.

Don’t forget your post-workout meal

Having a snack before a workout will help you power through your exercises, but you also need to eat quickly after you’re done with your sweat. “Eat 30 to 45 minutes after a workout to replenish the fuel (ATP) in your muscles and to maintain an elevated metabolism,” recommends Miller.

Do sports drills

“Instead of a treadmill or elliptical, set up cones or ladders and do more athletic-style drills,” emphasizes Miller. “The stop and go nature of these drills will burn more calories.” You’ll also boost your fitness level and find your workouts far more motivating than sweating on a cardio machine.

Incorporate more competitive drills

The buddy system is a great way to stick to your fitness plan. “Get a partner and compete against each other doing short races around cones or games using balls,” says Miller.

Do more full-body moves

Optimize your workout time by doing more total body exercises, such as combining squats and bicep curls instead of doing a set of squats then a set of bicep curls. You’ll get more work done in less time and you’ll also work your core muscles by doing lower and upper body exercises together.

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