How You Can Benefit From Knowing Stress Is Just a Word (Part 1 of 2)

In previous articles and blog posts, I established the principle that stress is not some thing or condition that exists in the real word. Stress is simply a word that we use to stand ... Continue Reading →

The Open Ended Fallacy of Universal Health Care – Everyone Is Going To Die Eventually Anyway

Not long ago, I was reading an economics book on all the “economic fallacies” that we somehow consider as common sense, even when the facts don’t show it to be. One ... Continue Reading →

Two Layers of Taste

What food is best to eat? That is something I’ve thought of in the past, a way to instinctively know which foods are best to eat. That is when I stumbled upon this idea very Spartan ... Continue Reading →

What Helps Build Strong Bones?

You use your bones every day and you may tend to overuse them sometimes. That is why it is important that you take care of them so they remain strong as you grow old. This helps prevent ... Continue Reading →

Healthy Hot Beverages: Water Isn’t Your Only Choice

A lot of people feel as though the only real drink you’re supposed to consume is water. It’s no real wonder why people get that impression; it’s all the health experts ... Continue Reading →

Microtia Treatment: Looking At Surgical Options

Microtia treatment can take a number of forms, both surgical and otherwise. The condition being treated is somewhat rare-estimated to occur in one out of 10,000 births. It consists ... Continue Reading →

Health, Training and Supplement FAQs

LADIES Q: I want to lose weight and have never used supplements before. What should I use? A: Adjusting what you eat plays a big role in weight management. Minimise carbohydrate intake ... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Fitness Again

I like riding my bike – it coincidentally keeps me in shape. I call it moving meditation, whilst keeping semi-alertness in the relentless traffic. I also like to go jogging with ... Continue Reading →

Shoulder Surgery – What to Expect

Have you injured your shoulder so badly that you are unable to move it properly? Many types of problems can easily be sorted out with the help of medications and physiotherapy. However, ... Continue Reading →

Digestive System Illnesses And How We Our Eating Ourselves To Death

Although most of us don’t realise it yet, we are slowly but surely eating ourselves to death. A strong statement indeed. However, you don’t have to be a detective to know ... Continue Reading →